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Depending on where you live, you may have one of the below House of Delegate races on your ballot.

  • Virginia’s new 57th House of Delegates district encompasses parts of Henrico County and parts of Goochland County. With almost 63,000 registered voters, this is a competitive district that doesn’t lean in either direction. 

    This election will be held on November 7, 2023. Democratic candidate Susanna Gibson and Republican candidate David Owen are facing each other in the general election for Virginia’s new 57th House of Delegates district. This is an open seat with no incumbent in the race.
    Susanna Gibson is a nurse practitioner and a public health expert who graduated from University of Virginia and Columbia University. She has been working in Richmond as a physician for almost 15 years, and through this experience, she has become familiar with the realities of the healthcare system. Gibson wants to apply this knowledge to her role as Delegate to fight for families and community members in Virginia.

    Susanna Gibson is passionate about reproductive health and education, which started at a young age while volunteering and shadowing at the UVA Teen Health Center. She believes that women must have control over their own bodies, access to affordable quality healthcare, and make their own healthcare decisions in consultation with their healthcare providers. She is committed to ensuring that Virginia does not move backwards on reproductive rights and will use her professional knowledge to explain the damage that will be done to women, families, and communities if women are unable to work or care for their loved ones.

    Gibson also wants quality education for all students, which requires an environment that engages students and cultivates them as they prepare for next steps, including higher education. She wants to create a culture that rewards and trusts teachers rather than setting them up to be seen as untrustworthy and devious, as Governor Youngkin’s failed tip line attempted to do. She also believes that college should be accessible to students and affordable to their families, because no one should have to forgo college or drown in debt because of the current system.

    Gibson believes in commonsense gun violence prevention measures. On children experiencing gun violence she has said, “Our children should not have to practice active-shooter drills at school and live with the real fear of being harmed by someone with a weapon intended for a war zone.” Gibson believes that Virginia should invest in community-based programs such as gun buyback programs, increased street-lighting, and other evidence based programs that have been shown to reduce gun violence.

    Gibson’s medical expertise informs her opinion on how mental health and substance abuse should be handled. She believes that those who need resources should have access to them, as it improves the quality of life of everyone in communities. She also believes that the response to substance abuse should be met with treatment rather than incarceration and punishment. She advocates for more education and acceptance regarding mental health and hopes to introduce legislation to increase the number of Drug Courts in Virginia, as they save considerable costs and help communities.

    Susanna Gibson is facing Republican David Owen. Owen is a native Virginian who graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He worked as a construction engineer, and he was part-owner of Boone Homes for 20 years before he and his partners sold the company. He does not support police reform, or legislation that allows communities to hold police accountable. He promotes teaching inaccurate history and anti-trans policies.

    Susanna Gibson is the progressive choice for this race, as she is an expert in public health, supports investments in public education, and advocates for mental health.